KEA’s Mining Services

Providing Critical Services to the Philippine Mining Industry!

1. Equipment

With the right equipment, your profitability will increase dramatically! That means more money for buying land, acquiring permits, hiring employees, and putting money in the bank. KEA Mining and Quarrying Services can help get your operations off and running with leased equipment. We provide it, we maintain it and we provide professionally licensed and trained operators, and you enjoy the increased productivity and profits.

2. transport & LOGISTICS

With our leased equipment, you can get the product out of the ground. But how do you get it to the buyers willing to pay the highest price? We can provide the transport vehicles and the drivers to get your hard earn commodities to the highest paying markets by transporting your product from the site to the ship.

If you don’t know where the best markets are, we can help connect you with buyers that are ready and willing to pay international rates for the metals and minerals you are harvesting. We provide these services for a small commission and you benefit from a significantly increased return on investment!

3. Skilled Labor

From laborers to equipment operators, surveyors to engineers, KEA Mining and Quarrying Services can provide your operation with trained, experienced, and if necessary, licensed personnel to help your mining operations run smoothly and efficiently. Don’t compromise your operational safety and your profits by trying to operate without adequate staff. Call us today and let us help your operations succeed!