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Lump Copper Ore FAQs

KEA Copper Mine Zambales

KEA Mining transports all ore products to the port nearest the mine or stockpile from which the purchase is taken. Buyers are responsible for chartering a Mother Vessel to ship their purchases to the port that best serves their purpose.

KEA Mining pays for all taxes, tariffs, export permits, and transportation costs to the origination port.

You start the official process by sending KEA Mining a Letter of Intent (LOI) and or an Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order (ICPO), along with a Bank Comfort Letter (BCL), You can find a very detailed walkthrough of the KEA Mining Purchasing Policy by clicking HERE

We will consider all sincere purchase orders that comply with our Purchasing Policy, no matter how small. If your order is beyond our current production or stockpile capacity, then we will begin the process of expanding our operations and or contracting with other suppliers/producers to fulfill your needs.

We prefer irrevocable letters of credit, but any fully funded documentary letter of credit will do. We also accept Telegraphic Transfers, but 100% of the purchase price must be paid through TT BEFORE loading the product onto the Mother Vessel can commence.