Investor Relations

Our investors are a fundamental part of both our short-term and long-term goals!

KEA Mining Investor Relations
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Investor Relations

At KEA Mining, we don’t just let anybody invest. We look very seriously at the resources and the quality of those resources that a prospective investor is willing and able to bring to the table. This not because we want to be picky about who invests, but because we must be.

The mining industry in the Philippines has grown significantly over the past decade and there is every reason to expect that the next decade is going to see even more dramatic growth.

We find ourselves in very exciting times as a mining company in a country with some of the world’s largest remaining deposits of gold, copper, and other critical industrial and technologically in-demand metals and minerals.

With the Marcos administration in power now, the possibilities are endless. The new administration claims to be focused like a laser beam on the economy and economic growth. So, we expect moratoriums on business taxes, regulations, and a total ban on lockdowns and mandates (related to viruses) going forward. Possibly even government subsidies to aid in exploration and purchases of new mining plots. We shall see…