Welcome to KEA Mining

A Philippine Mining Company

A Philippine Mining Company

KEA Mining and Quarrying Services is a Philippine Mining Company Heaquartered in Iba, Zambales!

KEA Mining is a small business. We don’t want to be the biggest, the richest, or anything like that. We just want to be the best at what we do. What we do is mine and export copper, iron, nickel, and chromite.

KEA Mining is a relatively new mining company. We began our operations years ago as a provider of transport and logistics services, and as we developed those services, our interest and involvement in the mining industry grew.

For more information about our mining operations, the products our mining operations are producing, and our processing plant and other facilities, please take a look at our Buyer Relations page.

Investment Opportunities

KEA Mining manages operations that are currently mining and stockpiling produce raw copper ore, raw iron ore, raw nickel ore, raw chromite ore, silica quartz, silica quartz sand, magnetite, armor rock (riprap), and boulders of various sizes. Production is currently taking place on four sites, with new sites being considered for acquisition and development.

KEA Mining is in the process of modernizing and preparing for operation a processing plant that will dramatically increase the value of the raw ores extracted from multiple mining operations. Now is the time to get ahead of the successes we are working and building towards to take advantage of the profits that will soon be realized.


KEA Mining has operations that are producing high grade copper ore and access to stockpiles from smaller operations regionally and nationally. Our copper ore ranges from 8% to 30% assay grade.


KEA Mining has extensive mining operations and partnerships with other producers and we are producing high-grade iron ore at 58% to 67% assay grade.

KEA’s Purchasing Policy

Please review our purchasing policy and see acceptable examples of the required documents. All LOIs and ICPOs must be accompanied by a Bank Comfort Letter and explicit permissions for a bank soft-probe.